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New Arc-Fault Technology Requirements

March 7, 2017

With the latest code update, we now have extended requirements for arc-fault protection.


Prior to May 2016, arc-fault protection was limited to bedroom receptacle circuits only. But with our new code update, the arc-fault requirements have extended farther! Are you up-to-code?

Modern arc-fault technology monitors your electrical circuits in both “series” and “parallel” connections to look for any signs of arcing or sparking. The arcing and sparking could be cause by loose wire terminations, faulty appliance or extension cords, broken/ damaged receptacles, or a variety of other issues. The device will “turn off” the electricity flow to everything downstream in an effort to elimanate any continuation of the arcing or sparking problem.

Arc faults have been found to be a major contributor to many of the house fires on record. With this new technology our homes are becoming increasingly safer now that all 15 and 20 amp receptacles in a residential home are to be protected by arc-fault technology.

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