Plumbing Repairs for London, Tillsonburg, Ingersoll and St Thomas by MBH Mechanical & Electrical.

  • Leaking pipes in your bathroom, kitchen or basement?
  • Damp patches on ceilings or puddles in your basement?
  • Dripping faucets or leaking toilet pipes?
Call MBH Mechanical & Electrical at 519-472-4449 or 519-485-4448 for swift emergency repairs or long-term problems. We're happy to help with anything from a dripping faucet to a major water leak. Remember, the earlier you call us, the less damage leaking water can cause to floors, walls, and potentially, your appliances and belongings.

Blocked or clogged drains unblocked with a smile!

Blocked drains are a fact of life with older plumbing systems, but that doesn't mean you have to tackle them! Our plumbing team is happy to help unblock any drain or unclog any sink, shower, bathtub, washing machine or dishwasher outlet and also advise on any repairs or replacement work that might stop it happening in the future. Call us for details and we'll arrive pronto, tools in hand!

Toilet, Bath Tub, Shower or Faucet Repair and Replace

Your bathrooms work hard all year round, especially if you've got kids, and in time your bathroom fixtures will start to show their age, and maybe spring a leak or two. MBH Mechanical & Electrical can repair any leaks and plumbing problems, replacing worn out old pipes and joints with new ones, and getting your bathroom back up and running.

If repair isn't an option, or not economical for you, our experienced plumbers can advise on new ways to refresh your bathroom for better bathing, such as water-efficient showers, low flush toilets or a new high-efficient tankless water heater (no more cold showers for the last one in the bathroom in the morning!).

Our toilet replacement service is second to none. We can remove and dispose of your old toilet, install a new one with emergency shut-off valves, and test the system, usually all within one day (if you're not moving the toilet's location).

To book one of our friendly local plumbers in London, Ingersoll, Tillsonburg and St. Thomas areas, call us at 519-472-4449 or 519-485-4448.

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