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  • Is your furnace not working efficiently?
  • Does your air conditioner unit struggle to keep things cool?
  • Are you concerned about the air quality in your home?
No problem! At MBH Mechanical & Electrical, we're dedicated to ensuring your home is both comfortable to live in year round, and energy efficient as well.

Keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer can account for up to 60% of your total energy bills. So, it makes sense to ensure your furnace and a/c systems are working as efficiently as possible.

At MBH Mechanical & Electrical, we offer a full range of services for your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, including servicing, maintenance, repairs and replacement. From new digital programmable thermostats, to premium filtration and air quality units, we can advise you on smart ways to protect your loved ones, your home, and your wallet.

Call us at 519-472-4449 or 519-485-4445 to discuss your HVAC requirements, or how to save money on your energy bills.


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Furnaces and Boilers

Keep your furnace fired up for longer with regular maintenance and servicing by MBH Mechanical & Electrical. We'll make sure your furnace is safe and as efficient as possible. If your boiler or furnace is near the end of its working life, we'll advise on the best new condensing furnaces and boilers that offer amazing energy efficiency so you can heat your home for less. Ask us about our excellent line of Comfortmaker products.

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Air conditioning

Our team of a/c experts can service and maintain your air conditioner for reliable, cost effective, and efficient cooling all summer long. Replacing your old air conditioning system? Ask us about our great line of energy-efficient Comfortmaker products, and you may be eligible for a government rebate - how cool is that!

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Fireplaces and appliance connections

Coming home to a cozy fire is one of the best things about an Ontario winter! We can install vented and vent-free fireplaces that look great and meet all the relevant safety standards too.

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Air quality and add on appliances

How clean is the air you breathe inside your home? MBH Mechanical & Electrical can advise on HEPA filters, furnace filters, humidifiers, and other air quality control appliances, as part of your HVAC system.

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Pool heaters installation, repairs and maintenance

Just like your furnace, your pool heater will need to be annually serviced too. MBH Mechanical & Electrical can ensure you get the most enjoyment out of your summer backyard oasis. With our services for pool heater maintenance, repairs and replacement units, you can be sure your pool heater will run effectively and efficiently for years.

For HVAC system installation, maintenance, repairs and advice, call MBH Mechanical & Electrical now at 519-472-4449. We're happy to help.

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