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Have you always dreamed of having that cozy fire to sit beside in the depths of a snowy winter? MBH Mechanical & Electrical can help make that dream come true with plenty of options for gas logs and gas fireplaces.

How about really cooking with gas? Whether it’s a natural gas connection for your new BBQ, or a gas stove connection to finish off your dream kitchen, MBH Mechanical & Electrical can really get things heated up.

Why choose a gas fireplace from MBH Mechanical & Electrical

Gas fireplaces are perfect for any home, especially if you have neither the space nor the time to source and store wood all year round. You don't need a traditional chimney to have a gas fireplace, as you can choose from direct vent, B-vent and vent-free models.

Vented models draw air in the outside and exhaust back outside using a vent pipe system. Direct vent fireplaces can vent through a wall or even through a roof, and will feature a sealed glass door to ensure it burns properly. B-vent fireplaces draw the air to burn from inside your home, rather than from the outside. Vent-free fireplaces don't require any vent system, drawing air from inside your home and burning so efficiently, there is nothing left to vent away!

As experienced gas appliance fitters, you can trust MBH Mechanical & Electrical to install your new gas fireplace to the highest safety standards, for years of safe, trouble-free toe-toasting!

Why choose other gas services from MBH Mechanical & Electrical?

fire place wallWith over 30 years experience in the gas industry, our team of expertly trained technicians offer gas line installation for stoves, cooktops, dryers and much more! Find out how you can save money on your hydro bill by utilizing the efficient and economic option of natural gas – call us at at 519-472-4449.

MBH Mechanical & Electrical, your first choice for fireplace and appliances connections in London, Ingersoll, Tillsonburg and St. Thomas areas.

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