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  • Dry throat and dry skin when the central heating is on?
  • Sneezing, wheezing with allergies even when the a/c is on?

Improve the air quality in your house with MBH Mechanical & Electrical, for a more comfortable home environment.

Air humidifiers

As the cold, winter temperatures plummet outside, so does the humidity in the atmosphere, which in turn dries out the air in your home - and that's not necessarily a good thing.

Warm, dry air can suck moisture from everything in your home, including wood floors, furniture and, of course, the human body. You and your family might experience dry skin, chapped lips and nose bleeds simply because the air in your home is too dry. Even worse, is that with the insides of our bodies drying out, we are far more susceptible to sickness.

Installing a central humidifier as part of the HVAC system keeps the humidity in your home at a perfect level for comfort and well-being for you, your family and your belongings. Old central humidifier systems used a sitting pan of water and a sponge on a drum that sat all summer long collecting bacteria, and then pumped it through your forced-air system – yuck!! Call MBH Mechanical & Electrical and we’ll install a new bypass humidifier system which eliminates all standing water and reduces the production of air-borne bacteria.

You'll be amazed at what a difference installing a humidifier, air filtration and ventilation system can make - call us for details, 519-472-4449 or 519-485-4448.


Air filters and air cleaners

Our modern homes are sealed boxes designed to keep heat in and drafts out - but that also means the air you breathe can become contaminated and stale. Add in accumulated dust, and maybe some pet hair, and it's easy to see why people today suffer from more allergies and asthma than ever before.

At MBH Mechanical & Electrical, we supply and install air quality improvement products that radically improve the air quality in your home as part of your HVAC system. We can also service your existing air quality systems or HRV systems, to ensure clean, fresh air all year long.

Call us on 519-472-4449 for details, or to book your free home assessment.

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