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For many Oxford County residents without access to a municipal water distribution system, water purity can be a real concern. If you get your water from a private well, bore hole, cistern, lake, or similar ground water source, you need an effective water treatment system to ensure your water is safe to drink.

At MBH Mechanical & Electrical, we can advise on the various options for filtering, cleaning and sterilizing water drawn from your private water supply. The most important part of the water treatment process is to remove any microbiological risk, which can make you and your family very ill, very quickly. Secondary is the requirement to remove any chemical contamination due to natural soil conditions or agricultural practices.

Call us at MBH Mechanical & Electrical at 519-472-4449 or 519-485-4448 to discuss your private water supply issues - we're happy to help with advice or a site visit.

Water treatment solutions: disinfection devices for private water supplies and water softeners

You can clean your water using two main methods:
  • Chemical disinfectants (chlorination or ozonation)
  • Chemical-free ultraviolet disinfection
Our team at MBH Mechanical & Electrical can advise on the most suitable method for your home, your family and your budget, as well as secondary units to improve the taste of your water after treatment, such as de-chlorination filters, reverse osmosis systems and particle filters for UV-light water treatment systems.

Water treatment solutions: water softeners

Have you noticed a green-white growth on your copper pipes, or flow and pressure issues at certain faucets? This is usually caused by hard water, and will eventually result in leaking pipes, clogged faucet aerators, and mineral staining. We carry a great line of products and information for water softener systems to treat mineral-rich, hard water. Call us today!

Private well pumps and equipment

At MBH Mechanical & Electrical, we have 30 years of experience in installing and maintaining all types of well water equipment. From submersible pumps and jet pumps, to pressure tanks, pressure switches, and pump control systems, MBH Mechanical & Electrical is the Ministry of Environment registered team to call for your wells and well pump systems.

Water treatments for main water

We also offer a range of water treatment systems for city (municipal) water. While this is safe to drink straight from the faucet, some home-owners prefer to soften the water in hard water areas, and filter water for drinking to make it taste better. Call MBH Mechanical & Electrical for details at 519-472-4449.

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